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Putting Trust Back Into AdTech

The global digial advertising industry is plagued by $16B in annual ad fraud. But not for much longer. is revolutionizing the adtech industry through its decentralized ad event verification platform, shining a bright light on real ad events  from initiation to delivery. 

Our Service

The road for real change in digital advertising starts here.

We’re building a certified network of honest publishers and advertisers. Single-sourced on the most unified blockchain in the industry.

Rather than attempt to identify fraud or try to disintermediate a complex market, we aim to eliminate fraud by taking away its motive: revenue.  You’ll be assured in real time that every outgoing ad opportunity is from credible, registered sources.

Trusted Suppliers

Purchase Protection

Innovative security

Our Innovations

Blockchain Technology at its best.

Decentralized. Accurate. And Fast.

The credible platform issues encrypted temporal watermark keys with each outgoing ad impression from thoroughly verified, registered credible sources. These ad events are immutably logged on our blockchain where they can be unencrypted and accessed through the platform.

Ad events for registered domains or applications that don’t carry a valid watermark can be assumed fraudulent and withheld from payment to suppliers.

Open and unified through through the blockchain,  nothing is in you way.  No middlemen. No mediation. No Fraud.

Our Team

Founding team and advisors are seasoned senior adtech and financial executives with nearly 100 years combined experience with ad networks, ad serving companies, agencies and supply side platforms at companies such as Doubleclick, Lehman Brothers, Pubmatic, Quantcast and others.

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